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Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier
A misplaced sense of seriousness, an incoherent style, and the total absence of a charismatic villain make the 120+ minutes film outstay its welcome. Weak CGI, and a poorly choreographed finale leave it in middle muddle. No bomb, but not a good film either. Here is my review.
The Book Thief
Touching historical drama, playing in the same league as James Cameron's Titanic. Why Sophie Nélisse has been thoroughly ignored by the Academy Award academy will forever remain an enigmatic conundrum of film history. Click here to read the full review.
Combining tight suspense and some controlled over-the-top hokum action, Non-Stop is one of the best thrillers that I have seen in a long time. Click here to find out why instead of reading this review, you should rather open another tab in your browser and purchase a ticket for the film.
Vampire Academy
I know that it is hackneyed to conclude that Vampire Academy sucks, but as there is even more cliché flowing down on this film's silver screen than blood in (the excellent) The Evil Dead 2013, this lackluster does not deserve any better. Click here to find out why even fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight should stay clear of the film.
Fast & Furious 6
Fast & Furious 6 is not a film that will be well liked by physics teachers as it celebrates how much fun a sound ignorance of the laws of kinematics can be – not to mention that it lets us know that runways in Spain are at least 30 kilometres long. But the rest of the audience can thoroughly enjoy a high on horsepower, lavish action adventure. Click here for the full review.
Iron Man 3
More hits than misses. Iron Man 3 is an entertaining comic book adaptation whose strengths outweigh its weaknesses. Click here for the full review.
Safe Haven
A woman whose past is haunted by a dark secret assumes a false identity and starts a new life in a small coastal town, where she falls in love with a widower. Directed by Lasse Hallström, the film manages to focus on romance and suspense, and successfully avoids the over-the-top melodrama that usually plagues Nicholas Sparks adaptations. A nice surprise. Click here for the full review.
A plot driven and character based science fictions film that, though it may not be too original, equally fascinates and entertains its audience. It skillfully balances intimate chamber drama with high profile action sequences and dystopian tropes with subtle optimism. CGI is top notch and cinematography way above average. Highly recommended. Click here for the full review.
A PG-13 horror film about an entity called Mama that gets a tad too jealous when foster parents adopt her former charges. Mama tries, but does not manage to create an atmosphere of creepiness as well as The Possession or especially The Woman in Black did. It is finally ruined by a tasteless ending. Click here for the full review.
Dead Man Down
While he is trying to find the man who wants to kill his crime lord boss, a salaried hitman (Colin Farrell) with an agenda of his own falls in love with a mysterious woman (Noomi Rapace) who may or may not manipulate him. Dead Man Down is a serious drama that has a promising premise and atmosphere and mood galore, but that ruins itself with plot holes, severe flaws in its inner logic and an action loaded ending that does not fit the sober tone of the rest of the film. Click here for the full review.
Beautiful Creatures
A fantasy romance aimed at fans of the Twilight franchise. It has a sympathetic cast, works nicely during the first half, begins to stutter in the second, and is rescued a tiny moment before the credits begin to roll by its final shot that has some impact and lets the film end with a nice sense of closure. Click here for the full review.